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Here's what to expect when the Vancouver Aquarium reopens (VIDEO)

The doors open to the public on August 16. 🐠 🐙🦦

One of Vancouver's most iconic attractions is back.

The Vancouver Aquarium reopens its doors to the public on August 16.

After 17 months of partial or complete closure, the facility returns with a few changes.

"Another big change, which we started last year but is now going to be fully implemented, is online ticketing. So we need everybody, members as well, to go online and book their time in advance. I think timed ticketing is here to stay," explains executive director Clint Wright.

The Aquarium will also be showcasing a new 4D theatre experience and unveiling a Marine Mammal Rescue exhibit.

In April, it was announced the Aquarium had secured new owners. U.S.-based Herschend Enterprises now owns the site after it was transferred from the Ocean Wise Conservation Association.

Wright says the welfare of the animals remains a top priority.

"Animal welfare was one of the top concerns and with Herschend, we found that. In addition, they have resources, they have technical ability, they have depth that we've never had before to help make the Aquarium even greater than it has been before."

The Vancouver Aquarium has been a popular tourist destination for 65 years. It contains nearly 65,000 creatures and has attracted over 40 million people worldwide.