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Hot weather brings record numbers to Metro Vancouver wildlife rehab centre (VIDEO)

Delta's OWL broke its own record for the number of birds admitted in one day. 🌡️🦉

B.C.'s recent record-breaking heatwave has put some wild birds of prey in peril.

The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (OWL) is dealing with an unprecedented number of young raptors in its Delta care facility.

OWL took in 19 birds in a single day at the end of June, breaking its own one-day record for wildlife intake. The centre generally receives an average of three to four birds per day.

In just one week, the society took in over 100 new raptors, mostly fledglings that left their nests prematurely.

"A lot of our birds are very close to branching and fledging and unfortunately, due to the heat, they're in their nests and it gets very, very warm. If they don't have access to water, or they're looking for water, they're going to leave the nest too early," explains general manager Rob Hope.

OWL is mainly caring for birds from Metro Vancouver, including some from the Okanagan region and northern B.C.

Hope is also bracing for a second wave of admissions because of the province's current wildfire situation.

"A lot of these adult birds are going to be pushing away from the fires, but the young birds unfortunately will probably be taken by fires."

If you see an injured or orphaned bird of prey, you can call OWL at 604-946-3171 or contact the group through its website.