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How this Vancouver business is handling B.C.'s vaccine passports (VIDEO)

Adjusting to the new normal. 🍽️

Some B.C. businesses are pivoting once again now that the province's vaccine card has been implemented.

Proof of one COVID-19 vaccine dose is currently required to partake in certain social and recreational events, including going to restaurants and bars, for those 12 and over. Proof of a second dose will be needed starting Oct. 2.

Establishments can either scan or visually verify a customer's QR code to determine if a guest may enter a particular location. Patrons must provide photo ID matching the name on their BC Vaccine Card.

Only restaurants with a liquor licence and/or those offering table service need to check for proof of vaccination.

Vancouver's Electric Bicycle Brewing is adjusting to the new normal.

"The support from the community has been really great. We've had a lot of our regulars come by. For us, honestly, it really wasn't too much of a burden," explains tasting room manager Jessica Patras.

Ian Tostenson, president of the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association, says the rollout has been fairly smooth.

"Because of the passport now, it's a much safer environment and I think that we're going to actually see an increase in business."

However, he adds employee retention remains a concern.

Tostenson states the B.C. restaurant worker pool is still roughly 40,000 people short. For perspective, there were about 190,000 people employed in the province's restaurant industry before the pandemic.

With files from Lindsay-William Ross