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How you can shape the future of Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood (VIDEO)

One idea includes moving Gastown's famous steam clock.

A community advocacy group is looking for ways to keep Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood thriving - and it's asking you for help.

The Gastown Business Improvement Society has released an Urban Design Study aimed at improving Gastown's public spaces for businesses, residents, and visitors.

The group hopes the findings will "help energize Gastown’s sense of community and distinct character." 

The Gastown Tomorrow report examines four key initiatives that will preserve the longevity of the area, including increasing equity and redistributing street space.

Various workshop ideas being brought forward are meant to make the community more livable and pedestrian-friendly.

These include wider sidewalks, removal of the bike lane on Alexander Street (making it two-way), repurposing underused parkades, installing public washrooms, moving the historic steam clock to avoid crowding, and improving access to Crab Park with a pedestrian overpass.

Members of the public are encouraged to participate in an online survey and help shape future decision-making. 

Gastown originated in 1867 and was designated a National Historic Site in 2009.