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Is Burnaby's exotic Mandarin duck looking for love? (VIDEO)

'Trevor' has been seen in the city for nearly three years and is getting cozy with another duck. 🦆

Looking for love is never easy, especially when you're not from around here - and you're a bird.

Burnaby's exotic resident Mandarin duck may have found a mate but could the pair actually start a family? 'Trevor', as he's affectionately known, has been seen at Burnaby Lake Regional Park and Deer Lake Park for nearly three years. The bird's appointed moniker derives from Marvel's supervillain, the 'Mandarin' aka Trevor Slattery.

He has since gotten cozy with a female Wood duck, a species native to B.C. (while Mandarins are normally found in Asia). Although the two kinds of duck are closely related, breeding doesn't seem to be an option for this duo, with genetics to blame.

Even if Trevor can't start a family here, he still continues to be a major attraction for visitors to the city.