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Is this one of the worst left turns in Vancouver ever? (VIDEO)

"Not gonna lie, didn't expect this and it just kept getting worse."
At least they used a signal?

The best thing you could say about this left turn is that the driver did use a signal.

Unfortunately, it was as they cranked the wheel at the intersection of East Broadway and Kingsway, crossing from the far right lane to turn left.

In the dashcam footage shared by u/987498498489 on Reddit an SUV makes a last-minute decision and crosses the entire width of Kingsway while entering and driving through the intersection, cutting off traffic going the same way and confusing pretty much everyone else in the intersection.

The original poster notes the date is wrong on the video, and that it happened March 12 and that there was an Uber sign on the back of the SUV.

Users on Reddit laid into the driver of the SUV.

"Wtf! How could he even attempt that? What an a******. He should not be on the road. That was terrible," writes u/sherlockhound5.

"Not gonna lie, didn't expect this and it just kept getting worse," writes Cognizant-Maniac.

So far the video has received 170 upvotes.

Uber driver does fastest left turn from r/vancouver