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Meet the hardcore dive team who cleans up your lake litter (VIDEO)

They've picked up roughly 45,000 beer cans since 2013. 🚯

If you've littered in a local lake lately, there's a good chance these folks have cleaned it up.

Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans is a Vancouver-based volunteer organization, comprised of scuba (and free) divers, who comb the murky depths of our bodies of water in search of trash.

Turns out, there's a lot of it. Diver Henry Wang estimates his team has pulled out roughly 45,000 beer cans since they started cleaning up in 2013.

The group admits items, such as cell phones, sometimes accidentally end up in the water, but the amount of intentionally dropped refuse is rather appalling.

Summertime is particularly troublesome for the team, as swarms of sun-revellers flock to enjoy the picturesque lakeside settings but somehow think the water is one large liquid receptacle.

The dedicated eco-warriors will continue to work hard and make a positive impact on the environment but their message remains the same: pack out what you pack in.



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