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Here are 4 B.C. First Nations stories you didn't know

The real stories of Sasquatch, Ogopogo, the Fernie Curse and the Spirit Bear
Representatives from the Ktunaxa, Westbank, Sts'ailes and Gitga'at First Nations share their stories in our BC history series, BC Was Awesome. Screengrabs

Over three seasons our multiple Leo Award-nominated history TV show, BC Was Awesome, has taken us to almost every corner of this province.

In it we dig up interesting stories about our collective past that you might not have already heard.

Some of them are offbeat, others are serious, and most of them will have you raising your eyebrows for one reason or another.

In four episodes we've been lucky to partner with local First Nations who have trusted us to tell the real stories behind the ones that we thought we already knew. 

Watch them all below. You'll be surprised what you didn't know!

1. Sasquatch with the Sts'ailes First Nation

This episode took us out to Harrison Hot Springs as well as the Sts'ailes reservation nearby. We went out on a Sasquatch "hunt", then sat down with people who swear they've seen the creature. Kelsey Charlie from the Sts'ailes then told us the real story of the being, and what it means to his people.

2. The Fernie Curse with the Ktunaxa First Nation

The town of Fernie was apparently put under a curse by a Ktunaxa chief way back in the day, resulting in a lot of fires and disasters for the people of this town in the Kootenays. There's just one thing; the Nation doesn't do curses. Donald Sam tells us what happened, and why.

3. The Ogopogo with the Westbank First Nation

It's a sea serpent that lives in a cave, right? Wrong. Heck, its name that we know it as was made up by some folk singers and has no root in the actual story of the creature of the lake. Jordan Coble from the Westbank First Nation joins us out on Okanagan Lake to tell us what Ogpogo actually is, and what it means to his people.

4. Spirit Bears with the Gitga'at First Nation

The story of the Spirit Bear is one that the Gitga'at people kept a secret for a really long time, until the opportunity arose to use its story to help protect it as well as the area it calls home. Marven Robinson from the Gitga'at Nation took us out into the Great Bear Rainforest to try to find one of these elusive creatures.

Watch all 30 episodes of BC Was Awesome for free HERE and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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