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Shuck Yeah! Celebrate World Oyster Day (VIDEO)

Don't forget to sip and savour. 🦪

Whether you like them raw or roasted, oysters are one of the most popular types of seafood around the globe.

Since August 5 marked World Oyster Day, we decided to visit Vancouver's own Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market for a deep dive into the delectable mollusk.

Fanny Bay concocts all kinds of dishes: mussels, halibut, even the all-in-one seafood boil. But for this lesson, we're focusing on oysters.

There are many ways to cook oysters; you can grill, broil, and even roast them. However, the most sought-after serving is eating them raw.

First comes the shucking.

"Ease into the hinge [with the knife], turn it like a key, prop it up and then you can see the meat peeling down. You want to use the blade of the knife to clean out any residue shells and then you just want to sever the bottom, like the top," explains Fanny Bay's Calvin Shiu.

Once the shellfish are plated, it's time to sip and slurp.

Fanny Bay owner Malindi Taylor describes the best method.

"The best way to taste an oyster is really to taste it on its own first. Oysters should have a nice amount of liquor in the shell and that liquor is really like the final bit of the ocean that the oyster is bringing along with it to the plate. So you want to definitely sip and savour that."

Don't forget the fixings. 

"A little bit of citrus lemon is always good. If you like things spicy, some horseradish; just a pinch, it's like wasabi so you don't need a lot of it," adds Taylor.

If you want to celebrate oysters any day of the year, Fanny Bay Oyster Bar is located downtown at 762 Cambie Street.

Customers can dine-in or place a pickup order at the shellfish market.