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Smoke fills the sky after fire in downtown Vancouver

The dramatic scene was captured on video.

Smoke filled the sky after billowing out of a building in downtown Vancouver on Thursday evening.

Multiple firefighters responded to the area along Nelson Street near Hornby Street around 7 p.m. 

People living nearby filmed the massive plume of smoke coming out of the building from their balconies.

Asst. Chief Richard Warnock of Vancouver Fire Rescue Services says they had a report of smoke and flames coming from Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ restaurant at 888 Nelson St.

"Crews were in the restaurant, as well as up on the roof and they did have a little bit of flame from the venting system," he says. "In the Japanese restaurant, they have cooking units in the centre of the table, which has a draw vacuum system that vents out to the rooftop area."

Everyone was able to get out safely and there were no injuries. 

Warnock says there was concern the fire could have spread to the building beside, so firefighters were laying hoses on Hornby Street, resulting in traffic.

Nelson Street was closed as firefighters were at the scene and police were directing traffic until just after 8 p.m.

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Captain Ferentz Schmidt confirmed Friday that the fire was likely accidental and caused by an excessive build-up of grease around the barbecue elements

While the individual cooking element on the table ignited the fire, the build-up of grease was the culprit, he clarified. The fire was then contained to the venting system and did not spread to the rest of the structure. 

The blaze did not cause any external damage. 

With files from Elana Shepert.