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Take a stroll down memory lane with this Expo 86 beer (VIDEO)

Back to the future brew. 🍻

Vancouver beer drinkers can enjoy a taste of nostalgia with a brand new '80s-inspired ale.

New Westminster's Another Beer Co. (ABC) has teamed up with V.I.A. to create a throwback Expo 86-themed beer.

"Every time you walk through the city, you see the architectural times of the 1980s and how vital Expo 86 was to the province," says ABC co-owner Alex Jopson.

According to ABC, it "uses the choicest B.C. malts and hops to create a beautiful ale, with depth and easy drinkability."

"What we were looking to capture is just the terroir of B.C. I know it's a wine term, but what we want to do is just put together a product that highlights the ingredients that are grown right here in this wonderful province," explains co-owner Clete Hanson.

There's a sustainability aspect to the packaging as well. Excess cans from ABC brewing, which would have otherwise been recycled, are being used for the double-wrapped Expo 86 cans. ABC also helps reduce waste by printing smaller labels for its various products.

There's even a special golden ticket on a select number of Expo cans; just peel back the label for a chance to win a special prize.

The ale's label art was designed by Pacific Northwest artist Riley Holt. He's crafted numerous labels for the craft brewery and even helped create ABC's logo, which is itself a nod to the iconic fair.

The Expo Ale can be found in various liquor stores throughout Metro Vancouver, including Liberty Wines, Legacy Liquor, and Cedar Cottage Liquor.

For the unfamiliar, Expo 86 was a World's Fair that took place in Vancouver from May 2 to October 13, 1986 and coincided with the city's centennial. An estimated 22 million people attended and the event marked a turning point for B.C. tourism. It was responsible for several lasting legacies in the city like the SkyTrain and Expo Centre, which would become Science World a year later.