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This iconic Vancouver video store has found a new home (VIDEO)

You can even get VHS and LaserDiscs! 📼 📀

It's been around since the heyday of video rentals and is still going strong.

Since opening in 1983, Vancouver's Videomatica has seen plenty of ups and downs, but now has a new home at 16 East Broadway.

After saying goodbye to rentals almost a decade ago, the specialty store found residence at Zulu Records on West 4th Ave. and remained there until this latest move.

Sales manager B.J. Summers remains excited about the new space. "We love that we have a much more open space that's much easier for customers to get around each other, especially during COVID," says Summers.

The store will continue to sell new and used Blu-rays, DVDs, plus VHS and LaserDiscs, for those craving a bit of nostalgia.