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This Vancouver parkour gym will make you flip (VIDEO)

Fancy footwork. 🤸

Gravity-defying feats are on full display inside one Vancouver gym.

Main Street's Origins Parkour is located in the heart of Mount Pleasant.

The sprawling space was one of the first of its kind when it opened nine years ago.

So what exactly is parkour? 

"Parkour is all about moving freely amongst structures and engaging with them in a way that would be intuitive to you as a kid," explains Origins owner René Scavington.

Parkour prides itself in channelling your youth. Origins even offers introductory classes for kids as young as five.

But it's not all child's play. 

"We spend a lot of time focusing with beginners on how to land and how to actually approach challenges is the most important thing. So a lot of the stuff that you see in parkour videos isn't done first try," says Scavington.

The fitness activity has evolved from viral videos in back alleys into a legitimate training discipline. International parkour organizations are now all over the world. It's even permeated pop culture in the form of film action sequences (remember that famous Casino Royale scene?) and video games.

While elements of parkour influence some sports competitions, its roots eschew rivalry. 

For Scavington, the philosophy is a simple one.

"None of us are really trying to beat the other one, but you see someone do something, you see someone achieve it, and then all of a sudden it becomes possible for you to do that."

He adds Origins is constantly updating structures and programs to give clients better lessons and experiences.