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Two B.C. real estate agents fired in wake of sexual assault allegations

A woman has come forward claiming she was sexually assaulted while inside a Victoria real estate business.

Warning: This story contains graphic material that may be disturbing.

Glacier Media has learned two Victoria real estate agents have been fired following sexual assault allegations made against them.

The allegations have been raised by a community member and were first posted to a social media account Wednesday night.

At the time of the alleged 2018 incident, both men worked for Engel & Volkers real estate company. The two individuals were employees at The Agency, a luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company, until today.  

The woman, whose identity is being protected, tells Glacier Media she agreed to meet just one of the men but both of them were there.

“They were outside the restaurant together and said that they already paid their bill ... and wanted to go somewhere else,” she says. “Then one of them mentioned, ‘Oh, [I] have to stop by our office quickly and sign something out and scan it for a deal.’”

She claims they offered her wine and cocaine while inside the business. 

“I don’t do any cocaine. That was not something I partake in. Within probably 15 or 20 minutes, I don’t remember anything. Everything went black.”

When she woke up, she claims she was laid back in an office chair.

“My head was off to the side and one of them was to my side trying to put his genitals in my mouth. I remember lifting my arm and it felt so heavy to lift my arm,” she says. “I went to go stand up and my pants were down around my ankles so I fell down.”

She claims to have blacked out again and when she woke up, the two men were allegedly both performing sexual acts on her. 

“I went to stand up and said I was going to be sick,” her post online read. “I don’t remember but they must have moved me to the bathroom because I woke up by the toilet alone.”

In an email to Glacier Media, Scott Piercy, brokerage owner and partner at Engel & Volkers Vancouver Island, says the company became aware of the social media post on Thursday morning. 

“The two individuals were independent contractors who left Engel & Volkers Vancouver Island in 2019 to pursue opportunities with another Victoria brokerage,” Piercy writes. “The allegations in this social media post are concerning and deeply troubling. Although the individuals have not been affiliated with our firm for several years, we are taking this seriously and will continue to look into the matter.”

The Agency, meanwhile, says it will begin a full internal investigation immediately.
“We at The Agency just became aware of the allegations. The allegations predate the agents working with our brokerage, although, we are extremely concerned and taking these allegations seriously," the company says in a statement online. "As conscious members of the Victoria community, we are taking appropriate action to resolve the matter and encourage the complainant to do so as well.” 

One of the accused is affiliated with a local pub in Victoria, which also issued a statement on Thursday. 

"Last night we became aware of a social media post containing an accusation of sexual assault by a minority partner at The Local. I and the whole Local community are deeply shaken by the allegation. The actions described are disturbing, disgusting and wrong," says Jeremy Petzing, owner of The Local. "Our thoughts are first and foremost with the woman who has brought forward these allegations."

He adds since learning of the accusation The Local has severed ties with the persons involved.

No one has been charged in connection to these allegations, which have also not been tested in court.

"We welcome anyone who wishes to report sexualized violence to call our Report Desk at (250) 995-7654, extension 1," says Bowen Osoko, spokesperson for Victoria Police. "People can also both report and access supports through the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre at (250) 383-3232 or”

For more information, visit

In February, a Victoria restaurant claims to have fired one of its staff members after it was made aware of numerous allegations of sexual assault against a man. Chuck’s Burger Bar closed its Victoria business in March after the allegations surfaced.  

Also in March, another Victoria restaurant closed after social media posts accused a staff member of sexual assault. E:Ne Raw Food and Sake Bar said it was aware of the “serious accusations” against one of its employees and would be temporarily closed while it investigated.  

Back in August, a Victoria tattoo artist was charged with five counts of sexual assault which are alleged to have taken place at a local tattoo parlour. 

All of these allegations also surfaced on the Survivor Stories Project Instagram account.