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Video captures street brawl in downtown Vancouver

One man had to go to the hospital with minor injuries.
A brawl caught on video sent one man to a Vancouver hospital.

Warning: Some people may find the footage disturbing.

An early morning brawl in downtown Vancouver sent one man to hospital as police are continuing to investigate.

In an email to Vancouver Is Awesome, Vancouver police spokesperson Const. Tania Visintin says police responded to a call around 3:30 a.m. on May 23 due to a fight near Granville and Davie streets.

"Two men were engaged in a physical altercation," she writes. "One man was taken to hospital for minor injuries. VPD officers attended the scene, but at the time of the incident, both people involved did not want police involvement."

She adds that police are following up on the incident.

A video of the scene shared on Twitter shows a much more dramatic situation. In the footage, which appears to capture only the end of the fight, several people appear to be involved.

One man, who appears to be wearing a light coloured shirt and blue jeans, is knocked to the ground by another man and stays down. While he's on the ground three men kick him, including the man who knocked him down in the first place.

As the man remains on the ground, most of those who appear to have been involved in the incident go in different directions, while one man who may have been involved checks on the person on the ground. A crowd begins to gather as the video ends.