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Watch: B.C. blacksmith apprentices showcase forgotten trade on TikTok

Meet Logan and Kaden, two charismatic apprentices who want to relight the fire in blacksmithing.

Logan Haller and Kaden Foster are apprentices at Laidlaw Forgeworks in Mission, B.C. 

They started out in the industry together, creating their own forge with just a bedside table and the help of YouTube videos. 

The pair followed their dream and are now apprentices of Rusty Laidlaw, the owner and journeyman blacksmith of Laidlaw Forgeworks.

Laidlaw has worked as a blacksmith for over 20 years and describes himself as "driven by a deep passion for teaching and empowering others in all aspects of blacksmithing." 

Laidlaw Forgeworks is both a shop, selling custom metalwork, and a blacksmithing school. Laidlaw and his apprentices provide lessons in ornamental and functional ironwork with an emphasis on "recycling old metal to make new tools and beautiful hand-crafted artwork."

You can follow the apprentices on their TikTok page. Laidlaw Forgeworks also has its own official TikTok page

For products and classes, visit the company's website.