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Watch: B.C. burlesque artist shares secrets of fire eating, whip cracking

Ever wondered how performers breathe fire? Vancouver-based burlesque performer Dare Deville reveals all.

Dare Deville is a fearless fire eater and burlesque performer in Vancouver. She also teaches the art of erotic movement, empowering feminine sexual expression.

Burlesque has an interesting entomology, deriving from the Italian ‘burla,’ meaning ‘mockery’ or ‘joke.’ It originated as a parody of traditional theatre in Britain during the 1830s.

Burlesque is characterized by its unconventional and uninhibited performance style. It was then popularized in American clubs and cabarets in the 1860s. 

Dare Deville combines burlesque movement with other circus skills, including fire eating and whip cracking. She incorporates 'fleshing' into her performances; that's where she runs a flame across her skin. She explains that this is done by first applying a thin layer of fuel to the skin to protect the flesh from burning.

All acts performed in this video are done by trained professionals and should not be attempted at home.

You can see Dare Deville perform live in Vancouver and beyond.

For the latest information, check out her Instagram or TikTok.