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Watch: Snow biking becoming more popular in B.C., says Aussie

Ever wanted to ride a dirt bike in the snow? Combining the snowmobile with motocross, find out how the snow bike is shaping extreme winter sport.

A snow bike is essentially a mini snowmobile.

They have the frame of a motocross bike with a single ski replacing the front wheel and a caterpillar track in place of a rear wheel.

Mat Cox competed in the 2018 X Games for Snow BikeCross. He works with Summit Snowbikes based in Kelowna, who offer snow bike rentals and coaching. Cox started his career in motocross, competing in the Australian Supercross Nationals and Australian Supercross MX Nationals.

Cox was unable to compete in recent X Games due to an injury and the coronavirus pandemic.

However, he hopes to be back in the running this season. 

You can follow Cox on Instagram and TikTok