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Brr! Which Vancouver neighbourhoods will be the coldest this weekend?

Below-zero lows are showing up in the forecast, but it won't hit freezing everywhere in the city.
The Vancouver weather forecast includes extremely cold temperatures and bright sunshine in the week starting Nov. 23, 2023.

Toque, mittens, and parka season is unofficially underway, particularly if you look at the current seven-day Vancouver weather forecast. 

Temperatures are dipping several degrees below seasonal averages, with parts of Vancouver expected to see overnight lows fall below freezing heading into the weekend. 

The average expected overnight low for the region is 2 C but some spots will see temperatures fall as much as four degrees below that figure, according to Environment Canada's historical data.

For example, the Southlandlands Weatherhood station shows that Thursday, Nov. 23 will be sunny and bright during the day with a high of 8 C; the overnight low is expected to drop down to 1 C. 

But Friday's forecast includes a frigid shift for the Vancouver neighbourhood. While daytime temperatures aren't expected to be that different (only one degree lower at a high of 7 C), the overnight low is expected to drop down to a bone-chilling -2 C -- brr! 

The frosty overnight lows are expected to carry on into the weekend. Saturday's forecast includes a low of -1 C, while Sunday's forecast includes an overnight low of zero. 

Photo via Weatherhood

Vancouver weather forecast for other neighbourhoods

Other parts of the city aren't expected to feel quite as cold as the Southlands one.

For example, the forecast for the Hastings-Sunrise Weatherhood station shows an overnight low of  2 C for Friday and dipping down to zero on Friday night, rather than falling below the freezing mark.

Saturday is expected to climb to 8 C and stay above freezing overnight.

Photo via Weatherhood

The UBC Weatherhood station shows an even milder forecast for the weekend. Thursday's overnight low is expected to be 3, while Friday -- the day that other areas are expected to see temperatures at or below freezing -- is expected to drop to 2 C. 

Saturday and Sunday nights are expected to see overnight lows of 3 C.

Photo via Weatherhood

Use V.I.A.'s Weatherhood to find out the current weather and seven-day forecast for your Vancouver neighbourhood.