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Get your umbrella: Metro Vancouver forecast calls for heavy rainstorm, 7 wet days

Bring a snorkel.

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast doesn't include sunshine for at least a week. 

While the rain might ease heading into the weekend, the Lower Mainland isn't expected to see clear skies for at least the next week. 

V.I.A.'s Downtown Centre Weatherhood station shows plenty of precipitation on Thursday, April 25, with rainfall totals of up to 27 mm in the downtown core. Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 10 C and fall to 7 C overnight (see slide two).

Friday is expected to see significantly less rain, with around 10 mm, while Saturday and Sunday may see slightly more, up to 10 mm and 12 mm, respectively. 

Heading into next week, Monday's forecast includes a hint of wet weather, with around 2 mm of precipitation expected in the downtown core.

Tuesday looks wetter with up to 10 mm of rain expected, while Wednesday may only see some light showers.

Seven-day Metro Vancouver weather forecast

Other places across the Lower Mainland will experience heavy rain this week, although amounts will vary. For example, Port Coquitlam's station shows amounts totalling 18 mm on Tuesday, while Surrey City Centre's shows 20 mm. 

Abbotsford and Richmond's Steveston Harbour may have a similar trend as the downtown area, with as much as 23 mm of precipitation expected.

Environment Canada's current spring and summer forecast includes a warmer-than-average signal from May through September.  

Stay up-to-date with hyperlocal forecasts across 50 neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland with V.I.A.'s Weatherhood.