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Hot dog! It is going to feel as hot as 35 C in parts of Metro Vancouver

It's getting hot around here.
The Environment Canada Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes toasty temperatures at the start of July 2023.

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes soaring temperatures through the first week of July. 

Starting on Tuesday, July 4, Environment Canada calls for a mix of sun and cloud with coastal temperatures rising to 26 C and 30 C inland. With humidity, these temperatures will feel more like 29 C and 33 C, respectively.

Wednesday is expected to see similar temperatures, except they will feel significantly hotter with humidity. Coastal temperatures will feel more like 31 C while inland ones will feel more like 35 C.

Thursday's forecast includes similar temperatures, while Friday is expected to be slightly cooler. The cooling trend is expected to continue through Saturday, with temperatures dropping to 23 C on the coast and 27 C inland. 

Some clouds are expected to roll in on Sunday, with a high of 23 C on the coast and 26 C inland. 

Metro Vancouver weather forecast 

Photo via Environment Canada

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