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Here is how much rainfall to expect in Vancouver over the weekend

Plan accordingly.
The Vancouver weather forecast for the weekend starting on November 17, 2023 includes milder daytime highs but some wet conditions and chilly lows.

The Vancouver weather forecast includes some warmer but wetter conditions over the weekend. 

Starting on Friday, Nov. 17, locals will have another opportunity to enjoy bright sunshine, with temperatures reaching a high of 9 C and dipping down to 4 C overnight in the downtown area, according to V.I.A.'s Downtown Centre Weatherhood station.

Other areas across the region are expected to see similar temperatures. Despite being closer to the water, the Jericho weather station is also showing a high of 9 C on Friday but other areas are expected to be slightly warmer. For example, the Hastings Sunrise station is showing a double-digit high of 10 C.

The Southlands neighbourhood should see the warmest temperatures Friday with a daytime high of 10.3 C expected.

A look at the Vancouver weekend forecast and into next week

Clouds are expected to start rolling in overnight Friday, which will set the stage for wet weather Saturday. 

Saturday's forecast includes increasing cloudiness during the morning with a 60 per cent chance of showers in the afternoon. Periods of rain are expected throughout the night. 

Rainfall amounts totalling under 10 mm are expected on Saturday and under 15 mm on Sunday. 

While temperatures in the downtown area are expected to be warmer during the day -- rising to a high of 12 C -- the overnight low is expected to dip down to a chilly 3 C. 

Sunday is also expected to see some wet weather, with showers expected during the day. 

Heading into next week, Monday and Tuesday may see some precipitation but there is an even greater likelihood of rainfall starting midweek. 

Some frigid Siberian air may start impacting the Lower Mainland after that, dropping temperatures close to freezing.

Photo by Weatherhood


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