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Is it possible for Metro Vancouver to see snowfall this April?

"As we move into April, we can get any type of weather."
The Metro Vancouver weather forecast could include flurries in April 2024.

Parts of Metro Vancouver received a late-season dusting of snowfall at the beginning of March. But it might not have been the final opportunity to see wintry weather in the region. 

Environment Canada meteorologist Lisa Erven told V.I.A. April can have a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

"As we move into April, we can get any type of weather," Erven cautioned.

"We can get colder than normal, record-breaking highs, late-season snowfall, and more."

While it is uncommon, snow flurries are possible in April, given temperatures dip low enough when a precipitation system rolls through the region. 

Environment Canada's historical climate data over the past 30 years shows an average of 0.17 days with at least 0.2 cm of snowfall in Metro Vancouver. This is a very modest amount but the average doesn't illustrate the differences between years. In other words, some years may not receive snowfall while the odd one may have over 1 cm or more. 

Based on historical weather records, April receives an average of 0.3 cm of snowfall a year in Metro Vancouver.

Environment Canada's seasonal forecast products show a 50 to 70 per cent chance of above-seasonal temperatures from mid-April to mid-May. That figure rises to a 60 to 80 per cent chance of above-seasonal temperatures when the range is extended to April, May and June. 

Since April is expected to have slightly below or normal temperatures overall, May and June need to trend on the warmer side to achieve these predictions. 

Extreme heat or cold aren't depicted in the models, such as heat waves or arctic fronts. These weather events are typically observed from five to 10 days out, meaning they aren't calculated into the overall forecast.

Environment Canada will update its prediction to include extreme weather if extreme weather is observed.

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