Lost in translation….bad sushi bar names….


I’m going out on a limb and say Vancouver is the sushi capital of the world. I haven’t travelled extensively in Japan, but I have been there, and I didn’t see too many sushi places. With all the sushi restaurants, you’re going to get a few bad names, some you can figure out cause they are in english, but most unless you speak japanese, you have no way of figuring out the slip up. It’s alot similar to the bad chinese character tattoos people get….no..it doesn’t mean red dragon…it means ‘middle’….the japanese aren’t above it either….”Honey I blew up the kids” in Japan was called: ‘Giant Baby’ or my favourite used Japanese music store: “Beat Off”


In this case, the chinese character says: Matsuya. This means pine shop, which for some reason makes perfect sense in Japanese, I checked.  Matsuya is tough to say in Chinese though so they’ve modified it to Mazuya, which in Japanese kinda means….’taste not so good….shop’.

Oisi Oisi

This one is my favourite….For years this has been an infantile joke between me and my sister……Oishi Oishi in Japanese means ‘Delicious…Delicious…’, the ‘shi’ sound is difficult to say in Cantonese so they changed it to Oysi Oysi…which can be perfectly translated into english as: “Dericious Dericious”…..

*note a bad name does not mean the food is bad…

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