I used to think that our airport was a place that you either passed through to go somewhere, or a place that funneled you back into Vancouver…
Like a temporary stop.

Boy, was I ever wrong!


Check out the map!

YVR and the land around it is a paradise of parks, perfect cycling areas, nature, and geekout activities.


Hanging out in the sun, we spent hours exploring around Iona Beach, walking along the dyke, sitting under the landing paths of incoming jets, then winding down the afternoon with a coffee in the quaint South Terminal building at the other side of the airport.

Next time you have an afternoon to kill, take your bikes down to Templeton Street, and ride alongside the runways, then past them to the ocean and the dyke that seems to go on forever!

Or, on a rainy day you can hang out under the awesome architecture, check out the free wifi, eat in the food fair, and watch people coming and going…

Welcome to Vancouver!!!!


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