Nuba Restaurant
I have heard soo many good things about Nuba and I even had a friend that worked there but unfortunately I never paid them a visit until now. My friends Vince, Daniel (El Kartel) and I decided to have dinner together and I thought Daniel was going to pick a taco spot but he recommended Nuba. Vince and I were game since we have not been.

I was expecting to find a small restaurant similiar to their Seymour location but their new space in the old Mouse and Bean is spacious and has a nice and clean atmosphere. Daniel sat down and the chef came out to greet him, the chef fixed up a fantastic appetizer (green pepper stuffed with rice and lamb) for us. In the end we ordered the falafel ($5.00 – secret recipe of organic chickpeas, fava beans, vegetables and spices), roasted potatoes ($3.50 – roasted with olive oil, sumac, herbs and sea salt) , hummus ($5.25 – organic chickpeas blended with garlic, lemon and tahini) and najibs special ($6.00 – crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon and sea salt).

The food was all fantastic. The falafel and the crispy cauliflower were both insane. I couldn’t believe how good they were. I usually don’t eat cauliflower but the way Nuba prepared it made it insane.  I will be coming back forsure and hope to have a falafel wrap ($5.25) and walk Gastown on the weekend. I was told that the Lebanese owner was the only one who could make the special recipe falafel and he has to come into the restaurant at 5:00am in to prepare the falafel for the chefs. I guess he doesn’t get to go on vacation much.

Nuba offers great food at an excellent price. Go eat a falafel wrap at their or sit down and order a few dishes, make sure you get their crispy cauliflower, so good.

207 Hastings Street
Vancouver (The old Mouse and Bean)