All India Sweets & Restaurant


Hey everybody, I’m Arlo K! You might remember me from a post made about me a few months back when I was only days old and a few pounds lighter. I’ve put on some weight and gained some wisdom during my five months of life and have finally matured enough to start posting on Vancouver Is Awesome!

For my first post I want to introduce you to this place that my dad claims to have been going to since 1996. “When I was your age the All India Buffet only cost $6.95 and we had to walk uphill both ways to get to it!” is what he always tells me, but I seriously doubt he was my age in ’96 and I actually don’t even know what any of the stuff that he says to me even means. But from what I can smell (I don’t eat solids yet) and from what I can gather by the amount of times I’ve sat waiting for my mom and dad to finish eating here in the past few months, the food at this spot must be delicious.


The All India Sweets & Restaurant is on the corner of 49th and Main and this huge vegetarian dish in front of me is only $10.95. Actually, if you could eat 5 of them it would be the same price because, you know, it’s a buffet. If I could eat five of them that would be like half my weight! Do you know how ridiculous that is?