F’N SWEET! Summertime treats vol. I: Screamers…..


Once the hot weather starts, I start craving certain food and drink at an unreasonable level.  In the up and coming weeks I will share with you some of this fare.  Your own suggestions will be welcomed too, as long as the weather keeps coming, I’ll keep craving….

The slurpee is one of my summertime staples.  My love affair with slurpees runs deep, I pretty much will risk my life to get a one as noted in my ‘scariest sev’ posts one and two.

I was never a real float guy, and to some degree, I still consider myself a slurpee purist, but for whatever reason I think the screamer is one of the best collabo’s ever…ice cream and a slurpee.  There are only a few places where you can get these, my favourite place is the husky at King Ed and Oak.  

They always have pretty solid flavours, no kooky stuff like crystal lite….they’re kidding with that stuff right?  Like last year during the hottest week of the year, when the gas station right by my house swapped out the coke for sugar free raspberry splash or whatever….and when I freaked out, I was on camera or something right?

But yeah…the sickest thing about this Husky is they always have rootbeer which for me is not just the best popsicle flavour ever, but also dominates in the world of the slurpee.  They’re on top of their ice cream here too, each time I’ve gone it’s been runny which is how it’s gotta be if it’s going through a straw.  

husky2  husky

bonus best slurpee pic I’ve ever taken..