Dog Parks! Buntzen Lake…


If your dog like swimming, I’d say this is the best dog park ever.  It’s set up really well with fences separating the regular swimming areas from the dog friendly zone.  This way you don’t get in shit when your dog licks some kids ice cream.  There are picnic tables to chill on and keep your stuff from getting peed on, as well as the usual poop bag dispensers.

The lake is magnificent, it’s probably the only dog park I can think of where you can take a dip with your dog too. I’ve never done this, so it was pretty funny to see my dog’s reaction, “wholly shit…you can swim??!’  I went at 11am and it wasn’t too cold, so it’s the perfect temperature.  It’s a pretty good vibe there to, it’s almost as if they plopped a beach in the middle of a dog park.

Here are the directions to get there.