Have you ever wanted to eat a donut the size of your own head? If you have your dream can now become a reality….. Lee’s Donuts has been a Vancouver donut destination for decades. I can remember back when I was a wee child with no food allergies being so psyched on going to Granville Island for two things, the Kids Only Market and Lee’s Donuts. Now as an adult I’m unable to eat delicious donuts (damn food allergies)… however I don’t let that stop me from pressuring whomever I’m with at Granville island to buy these amazing deep fried treats. This particular visit I noticed a monster Donut I’d never seen before. Sorry but my picture really does not do it justice. That donut is honestly the size of a persons head! You can see a normal sized fritter in the back there, and that’s a larger sized donut, the big one in the front dwarfs those puny fritters. Unfortunately for me, my girlfriend has never wanted to eat a donut the size of her head, so I had to admire it from the other side of the glass.

Maybe next year when Mr. Jef Choi does his skim every beach marathon I’ll bring him one of these for breakfast…


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