Fortune Sound Club


If you listened to the word on the street this past weekend, you may have found yourself in an otherwise unremarkable part of Vancouver’s Chinatown on Saturday night.  Nestled amongst the shuttered restaurants, herbalists and gift shops, one unmarked storefront was spilling light and the dull thump of music out from behind its frosted glass windows.  Not really knowing what to expect, you would have walked inside, gone up a long flight of stairs… and been treated to an amazing taste of things to come at the soft launch of the brand new Fortune Sound Club.

Brought to you by GMAN & RIZK, Fortune Sound Club is Vancouver’s only venue built for sound.  Once an infamous Chinese restaurant, the spot is spacious-yet-intimate, comfortable and eco-friendly.  You may have heard the buzz that Fortune boasts what could be the best sound of any North American nightclub right now – a lofty claim for sure – but having heard its world-renowned Funktion-One sound system first-hand, I count myself a believer.  I urge you to go and experience it for yourself!  The space is still not 100% finished – ‘designed by’ artist rooms, advanced lighting and other details still need to be completed – but if the soft opening was any indication, that won’t stop people from having a blast in the meantime.

Fortune Sound Club will be open for regular business starting this weekend.  Schedule of upcoming events and further info available via the Fortune Sound Club blog, facebook page and Twitter feed.  Here are some exclusive photos I took at the soft launch:



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