It’s kinda hard to make this post without telling a bit of my own story so, sorry, but I’ll try to be brief:
Most people who read this blog likely aren’t aware that aside from being somebody who tracks down bargains on ice cream and brings them to the people of Vancouver I’m also an art director, fine art photographer and curator. Most recently I held a position at Nike 6.0 as their Artist Mentor and in the past I’ve worked for (and with) brands such as Lakai Footwear, Streetwear Today, Stussy, Palm Pictures and more. I also founded another blog called Club Mumble that brings together 130 creatives mostly from within the skateboard industry in California to share their work and stuff. For the most part I work in “contemporary art and street culture”. SO…

I recently teamed up with Mike Giles and Annie Lam, the two founders of a Canadian charity called Contributor, to co-curate an art show featuring 60 international (and some local) artists who were invited to decorate the bottoms of some hand crafted, oak skateboards to be auctioned off, with the proceeds going towards a fund that will supply skateboards to Canadian kids who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

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The show is called Smile On Your Brother, it’s traveling across Canada and is making it’s very first stop at Livestock from August 24th to the 26th! Here’s a LINK to the info.


Here’s one of two crates that’s in transit right now as you read this. In a few days it’ll arrive in Vancouver where we’ll proceed to unpack it, hang up it’s contents on the walls of Livestock in Gastown and invite you to come down and have a look and celebrate.

And here’s the flier with the important info, I’ll remind you the day of or maybe a couple days before…


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