Up next for the Proof is our very own Managing Editor Bob Kronbauer! Bob is a Vancouver based documentarian, photographer, and producer – a jack of many trades – with his roots planted firmly in the skateboard industry. He has been published in Mass Appeal, Arkitip, Streetwear Today, The Skateboard Mag, NUVO and Lodown.  In the past Bob has worked as a graphic designer for Girl Skateboards, Lakai Footwear and as the Global Artist Mentor for Nike 6.0.  He has also done freelance work for Palm Pictures, Stussy, Electronic Arts and Coca Cola. Bob is dedicated to bringing people together in this city, and has shared with us some images of his daily life.


The Proof

1. My desk at my office with the best totebag ever, given to me by an actual ranger in the forest.
2. Me and Frankie Peabody Irving Kronbauer, otherwise known as #1 Pooch.
3. Bookshelf / mantle at home. The artwork is new, it’s a Matt Irving print hand delivered by the man himself a few weeks ago. It’s called “Sea To Sky”.
4. On the set of my next documentary, Little Giants 2: Michael Leon. Slowly but surely, it will be done…uh… some day.
5. My beautiful wife Katie fishing off of the dock at Cat Lake. One of my favourite things about living in Vancouver is the close proximity to nature. My absolute favourite thing about Vancouver is my beautiful wife Katie.
6. Another bookshelf, this one’s at the office.
7. Skate Sundaes crew, Greg Papove is the only one not on the phone because he is straight analog lately.
8. Katie and my son, Arlo. Bright eyes.

The Questions

What do you do and where?
I do a ton of stuff but to sum it up I call myself an art director, documentarian and curator depending on the day. On top of that I specialize in bringing things and people together. While I’m big upping myself I might as well point out that I created V.I.A. and in an official capacity I’m its President and Editor-In-Chief.

What neighborhood do you live in?
Mount Pleasant. I’ve lived in many different neighborhoods and this is by far my favorite. It’s also home to many V.I.A.ers and 3 urban chickens!

What are you working on?
Right now I’m trying to figure out creative ways for V.I.A. to be able to keep the lights on. I’m also editing a three year photo project I shot that’s kindof the second volume of Beach Glass, which was my first book of fine art photographs. I’m bringing back my t-shirt company, Crownfarmer, after a brief hiatus. I just finished doing a shoe for Nike SB that’s coming out next spring. I’m directing the second volume of my documentary film series on artists, “Little Giants Volume Two: Michael Leon”. I’m also working on a few random freelance design and art direction jobs… while looking for more work.
I’m also spending as much time as I can with my wife, Katie, and our baby son, Arlo.
And creating content for Vancouver Is Awesome.
Like I said, I do a ton of stuff.

Where can we find your work?
At the Museum Of Vancouver sometime next year.