What does this photo that I shot of geese crossing the street near Stanley Park have to do with beloved Vancouver artist/author Douglas Coupland, you ask? It pretty much has everything to do with Douglas Coupland.

I bought a copy of the re-release of his City Of Glass the other week – the 2009 version – and there’s an entire chapter (of sorts) on this very Vancouverism, of dawdling geese bringing traffic to a dead halt in the middle of rush hour at this very place where I shot this photo out of the window of my car, before even reading the book.


The revised/expanded edition of City Of Glass (a title originally published by Douglas & Mcintyre in 2000) contains 24 additional pages and expanded content, some Fred Herzog photos, a ton of archival photos and I could be wrong but some of the text seems to be updated as well. I truly think that every tourist who comes to our city over the coming months buys a copy of this book and brings it back to wherever they came from, as it is the most authentic, authoritative and real book about our city sitting on the bookshelves.

Learn about the book HERE, then buy it at a local bookstore. And when you have guests in town for the olympics, get them to buy a copy as well, and a copy for their friends back home.

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