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Just when I thought the Japanese izakaya boom was starting to slow down in Vancouver, one of the more venerable members of the scene opens a fifth location in the Lower Mainland!  Guu Garden launched with little fanfare in late December and buzz is just now starting to build via blogs and social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to a last minute change in plans, I had the opportunity to stop by for dinner recently, and first impressions were very good.  The menu is a bit more limited than at other locations and oden is prominently featured, but there are lots of old favorites and new creations for all to enjoy.  In short, Guu Garden definitely lives up to the well-established Guu reputation!  Read on for more details and photos…

Takoyaki (octopus) balls in Kanto-daki oden broth

Probably the most upscale and modern of the Guu restaurants, yet it retains the noisy & casual izakaya feel

Many Guu favorites made it onto the Guu Garden menu, like the chicken karaage, ebi mayo & yaki udon

Oden “stew” is featured – available with kanto (dashi) and miso based broths – great for winter!

Classic Japanese styling meets modern industrial design throughout the space

Everybody loves the fried kabocha (pumpkin) + egg korroke ball!

Feature temaki – hand-rolled tuna and shiso leaves

More classic good looks infused with contemporary design sense

Tuna and melon granité combine for a unique & tasty explosion of flavors – served cold

BBQ eel nuku-sushi (warm steamed sushi) – a delicious mixed rice dish w/ a layer of shredded omelet at the bottom

Sake cheesecake.  Need I say more?

Guu Garden is located up the narrow stairs at Hornby & Nelson, in the old Okada Sushi location

Location: M101-888 Nelson St. (Currently only stairs available at Hornby St. due to the construction)
Phone: 604-899-0855
Hours: Mon – Sun 5:30 pm – 12:00 am
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