Nicole Phillips aka visualheart, is a Graphic Designer and artist, she spends most of her days at an agency in Yaletown. Outside of the 9-5, she freelances, crafts and writes her blog, On her blog you can find recipe adventures with photos, design work, photography and her retro/vintage collectables. Nicole also enjoys the home design industry, since her family runs a business on the North Shore (

The Proof

1. A shelf in my apartment holds a few of my collections: old toy piano, vintage suitcase, avocado plant, vintage Coca Cola mirror, cameras: Holga and Polaroid.
2. 1980’s toy collection: Fraggle Rock, Simpsons, Gumby, Troll and more.
3. My desk at work, this is where I spend most of my days, complete with a glowing rock, piggy bank and pen tablet instead of mouse.
4. The office space, it’s a big old loft style building in the heart of Yaletown. You can find out more at
5. Capilano River in North Van. The North Shore is where I grew up, so it’s always nice to spend hot summer days down in the river exploring with my boyfriend, dipping our feet in the icy waters.
6. For 2 winters in a row, my banner designs for Dunbar Village have been spreading the joy!
7. One of the recipe adventures you’ll find on my blog, It’s a black bean burrito. nom nom nom.
8. One of my recent crafting projects: feather headbands with vintage jewelry attached.

The Questions

What do you do and where?
I’m a Graphic Designer and Artist. I work full time at Cowie and Fox and I do freelance occasionally on the side.

What neighborhood do you live in?

What are you working on?
Learning how to be a senior designer, it’s tough work managing interns!

Photography skills.

Obsessing over interior design, furniture, vintage collectibles, old cameras, shoes..etc…

Helping my boyfriend hunt down cart photos for his blog:

Where can we find your work?
follow me:

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