Poetry Is Dead: Proof That Poetry Isn’t Dead…


There’s a new magazine in Vancouver called Poetry Is Dead and they celebrated their launch with a party at a packed Grace Gallery last week:

Poetry Is Dead descibes itself as “a semi-annual publication devoted to poetry and the lack thereof. We publish any form of poem that is intriguing, hilarious, ridiculous, inspiring, timely, unfortunate or provocative.”

Issue 1 is 64 pages of poems, interviews, and original art. This issue includes poems by Chris Gilpin, Sean Horlor, Rachel Rose, and David Brock (many of whom were in attendance and read some of their poems to the crowd):

I highly reccommend picking up a copy (subscribe here: http://poetryisdead.ca/subscribe) and for the curious, my favourite poem that was read that night was by Chris Gilpin entitled Dear Sasquatch. It was timely and had everyone laughing…

Poetry Is Dead…proof that Poetry Isn’t Dead…


PS. Those with a keen eye will recognize the artwork in the background as local talent Andy Dixon‘s.

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