My (Little) Team Canada Jersey (Buh Bye, Germany)


Hey everybody! It’s me, Arlo, again! I’m V.I.A.’s youngest blogger, I just turned one year old a couple months ago and you can see all of my previous posts about life as a baby in Vancouver HERE.

Were you glued to the TV last night watching Team Canada beat Germany in that men’s hockey game? I was! Okay, I wasn’t really… I was mostly chasing my puppy dog around the living room, squealing and finding things to put in my mouth but I did look up at the TV a couple times because I like to watch those little guys zip up and down that big white sheet of ice.

The Canada VS Russia game starts in 5 minutes and we have to win it or we’re out of the tournament! What are you doing on the computer? Go cheer for Canada!

Oh, and remember my last post where I hinted about that secret thing about shoes? In case you haven’t been paying attention it’s not a secret anymore… you can drop your used shoes off at the Robson street Nike store (where my dad picked up this awesome toddler-sized jersey for me) and at 5 other locations around town so that they can be turned into a playing surface somewhere in Vancouver! Drop off your shoes at one of these Vancouver locations and leave your footprint on the city!:

Nike Robson | 1124 Robson Street | Vancouver | 604.683.2221
Nike Metrotown | 1222-4700 Kingsway | Burnaby | 604.430.6453
Nike Richmond | 1592-6551 No. 3 Road | Richmond | 604.276.0015
Nike Park Royal | 4567 Canada Way | Burnaby | 604.276.0015
Nike Kerrisdale | 2120 W. 41st Avenue | Vancouver | 604.264.1246
Nike Oakridge | 650 W. 41st Avenue | Vancouver | 604.267.1972

Learn all about Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe in Vancouver at