The Proof: Tyler Quarles


Finding love in the pure performance of criticism, I am often at a standstill with the benevolent. I am not talking about that sizeable collective of friendlies that populates our country. I’m probably not talking about you, either. Instead, here, I refer to the True Blue. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve met one of these types. That rare breed that seems to reek like “best day ever!” whenever you see them. What ulterior motive, designed by some hidden and tucked alternative personality lies beneath these few? Anyone with this incredibly positive upswing must, somewhere hidden, have an equally toned downswing. They must have some kind of balance, mustn’t they? Perhaps not. In my rare experience, this brand of personality is perpetually favourable and wholly contagious all while being completely removed from ego. This, my compatriots, is Tyler Quarles.

Forwarding his ambitions, coupled with his personality is a high volume of talent. He is the art director at Vancouver based magazine, ION. He also paints and he illustrates. His other work is predominantly tuned as a freelance designer of posters, packaging and all things that are: print media. Tyler is also a man of music and can be found DJing rock music at corner dive bars and then electronica at downtown night clubs. All that Tyler is involved with, he does well and he does it with the same fervour you receive in every handshake and conversation he offers up.

I have heard said of Tyler, “He’s too nice. Nobody is ever that positive. I don’t trust him.” If this follows to be true, and Tyler is not to be trusted for all his cheer and candour, then I can assure you that when things go awry he will be found smiling at his court date, personally thanking the prosecution for showing up and waving across at you while he takes the stand.

– Michael Edward

The Proof

1: This is my view when I wake up in the morning. Perfect for checking out if the local hills got any snow the night before.
2: My dish of essentials. Everyone has a spot where they keep the things they need handy. This is mine.
3: I keep a pretty deep collection of books and reference material. I have always loved magazines and I try to subscribe to as many as I can.
4: I know a good cup of java when I see it, but I’m no snob either. In the morning I get it in my belly as fast as possible. A few more times during the day works too.
5: My boat ride in the morning to my studio. I always sit at the front.
6: My non-computer desk. My goal is to spend more time here during a project and less time in front of a soul-sucking computer. Thanks for the desk Calen!
7: The night activities. Here I am DJing for an ION party we had a few months ago.
8: If all else fails, I’ll see you up here. (Jesse Williams photo)

The Questions

What do you do, and where? 
I am a freelance graphic designer/ illustrator and art director of ION Magazine. I also dabble in music playing bass and as a DJ in various bars and clubs around Vancouver (every Saturday night at the Granville Room). If I am not doing those things I like to have a snowboard under my feet, a coffee in my belly, holding a bike’s handle bars, or surrounded by my amazing family/ friends/ and lady. 

What neighbourhood do you live in? 
I live in North Vancouver (Lower Lonsdale) and my studio/workspace is at the Cartelera Talent House on Main and 2nd.

What are you currently working on? 
I just finished two catalogs and an illustration for a ski graphic and am currently working on logo branding for a new furniture store in Gastown plus getting concepts and content together with the awesome crew at ION for 2010’s issues.

Where can we find your work? 
ION Magazine can be found all over Canada at various clothing stores and online at Also, my other work can be seen on T-shirts, posters, skis, snowboards, skateboards, business cards and any other medium that can be printed onto a 2d or 3d surface.

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