Farewell Chalet CBC Radio 3


One of the final stragglers of my Olympic Games posts, I present to you radio host, Grant Lawrence, along with his producers, Chris Kelly and Tariq Hussain, at Chalet CBC Radio 3 on the very last day of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Over the duration of the Games these three tirelessly worked the early shift at the Chalet where CBC Radio 3 was broadcasting from, starting Grant’s show at 9AM each weekday morning. 100 guests were interviewed in/at the Chalet (myself and our very own Christine Mcavoy included), and listeners were encourage to come down and listen/watch the live broadcasts of Live on CBC Radio 3 with Grant Lawrence, Lanarama and Appetite for Distraction. It was so awesome and I look forward to the next time they do it so I can drop in and pester them again!

Check out our Guest Playlists compiled by all 3 CBC Radio 3 hosts who broadcast from the Chalet: Grant Lawrence (of Live on…), Lana Gay (of Lanarama) and Lisa Christiansen (of Appetite for Distraction)… and Chris Kelly!

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