“Bring The 2012 Olympics to Vancouver!”
Part 4 of 6


Since before the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games opened, we’ve been very adamant about only reporting on the awesomeness that comes from them. Just the good news, as promised, we brought you daily medal reports as well as a ton of features as Vancouverites caught up in the epic experience of the Olympics coming to our town. Yes, there are serious issues surrounding them and things that need to be kept in check, monitored, discussed and addressed… but not here. Our mission as an incorporated not-for-profit is to bring you only lighthearted, interesting and fun things concerning Vancouver and it’s arts and culture, with the hopes that you’ll come pay our little web site a visit only after you’ve caught up on the real news. We want you to come here and simply be given a reason to smile.

One of the funniest by-products of the Games coming to our city is Real Stories 2010, a series of satirical shorts put together by a few of our city’s most hilarious comedy troupes. My favourite of these is Cameron MacLeod’s series that proposes we re-bid the bid and host the Summer 2012 Olympics here in Vancouver, and we’ll be bringing you all 6 installments of the series over the next few days.

HERE’S PART 4 of 6…

Cameron MacLeod – writer / producer / performer
Peter Hadfield – director of photography
Sean Devlin – executive producer

Cameos by DJ Rico Uno, Louise Burns and Dan Code.

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