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Kube Computers
Established 2006

Kube Computers is an awesome little computer store on Cambie Street owned and operated by Georgina and Mirek Havelka. They wanted to create the kind of computer store where technology doesn’t overshadow the human element – where buying a computer or getting a computer repaired can be a comfortable, fun and transparent experience.

At Kube, there’s no marketing jargon and every customer gets the information they need to buy a computer, laptop, peripheral that is suited to their needs. Or if they are in for a computer repair or upgrade, they get fast and effective service at reasonable prices. For example, they can fix most problems in 1-2 days and if a computer is in for a virus removal they selectively remove the virus keeping all of the customer’s data intact. They also don’t cut corners when it comes to building quiet and reliable computer systems. Each component is individually selected to uphold the following mantra: EVERYBODY deserves a quality computer, regardless of price. A consequence of being a small computer shop is that it gives them the flexibility to make component selection decisions instantly; something a large computer manufacturer can only dream about.

They also wanted to create a computer store that women would be comfortable going into and getting what they need. On top of all of this, along the way they discovered stylish laptop bags and accessories that were hard to find and they made it a mission to have a large selection in the store. They want to rid the world of the bland, boring black nylon laptop bag!

We got Kube’s owners, Georgina and Mirek Havelka, to answer some questions for us…

If Kube is known for one thing amongst it’s customers, what would it be?

Fast, effective and reasonably priced computer repairs.

What’s your personal favourite product you sell in the store right now?

Kube Juggernaut high-performance computer systems. Mirek designs and hand assembles these systems with great care and high quality components.

Aside from Kube, what’s your favourite Vancouver business and why?

We couldn’t agree on this. Mirek said MEC for the huge selection of outdoor gear and I have to go with our favourite sushi restaurant, Toshi sushi (this isn’t going to help shorten the long line ups at Toshi’s will it?).

What keeps you here? Like what’s the best thing about Vancouver?

The great outdoors! The mountains, forests and ocean.