Lilikoi Lane


Hey everybody! It’s me, Arlo, again! I’m V.I.A.’s youngest blogger, I turned one year old a few months ago and you can see all of my previous posts about life as a baby in Vancouver HERE.

Today I want to tell you about a super awesome shirt that came for me in the mail! I’m wearing it in the photo above and it was made by a small local company called Lilikoi Lane. My dad got to choose the fabric and the character and he chose an A because… well, duh… my name starts in A! And the fabric that the A is made out of is sweet because I love hedgehogs and birds and other totally cute stuff.

The lady who runs Lilikoi Lane is Crystal Allen and she’s a mom, a Children’s Book Publicist by day and a crafter by night. She says that she loves seeing her little girl and her friends wearing and playing with things that she created and she looks forward to creating items for your children and your friends’ and families’ children as well. Cool.

Find out how to order one of these sweet, made-to-order shirts HERE! If you want to order anything from her I’ve lined up a special deal where V.I.A. readers get 15% off of their purchase by inputting the discount code, VIA15, at checkout!!

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