Skewed Magazine Number 10


Skewed Magazine has been publishing an online magazine filled with interviews, profiles and art/photography and a lot of it featuring Vancouver creatives since 2008. They recently put out Number 10 and it has a great selection of stuff to read and view. Download it HERE and also get the back-issues.

Ehren Salazar of Little Mountain Gallery has a bunch of his super detailed drawings in Skewed.

The cover of Skewed 10 with art by Jonathan Reid Sevigny.

Jonathan also has a very Vancouver inspired image called “The Bridge”.

Robert Anderson has a collection of photos and this one looks like a Vancouver alley for sure.

Robert Mearns has some of his portraits of Vancouverites in this issue.

Issue Nine.

Issue Eight.

More info from Skewed’s site:

Inspired to create a more accessible connection between the different art disciplines and departments in the University of British Columbia, Skewed was started in September 2008. Since then we have been covering aspiring and established artists from Vancouver, across Canada and around the world.

Every two months a new edition of Skewed is released in a downloadable format (PDF) for free. As a submission based magazine, we are constantly accepting new works in varied disciplines of Visual Arts, Design, Film and Theatre.

For more information on how to submit you work check our SUBMIT page.
If you have any questions or comments email us at