Fireworks at the Himalaya


Last week, in my quest to convert Vancouver author and comedian Charles Demers into a lover of one of my favourite Indian restaurants (the All India and Sweets at 49th and Main) I CALLED HIM OUT in a Green Eggs and Ham fashion. He responded with this:

I do not like it up on Main.
I do not like the gastro-pain
I will not eat it on a bet
I will not eat it with a vet
I would not eat it on a caper
I don’t have enough toilet paper
I will not, would not, could not hurry
To eat Vancouver’s worstest curry

I’d rather be like Edmund H.
And climb the mount to better taste
And take you to a better place
That will not rip me a new ace.

So let’s to Himalaya go
no precipice or mountain snow
but aloo parantha on the go
And even dosas don’t you know

We’ll order it all a la carte
buffets are where the trouble starts
where goras try to show some heart
by setting off a week of farts.

After reading that response I obviously had no choice but to admit defeat so I agreed to join Charlie for lunch at his favourite Indian restaurant, the Himalaya at 50th and Main, just one block South of my beloved All India. But then over the weekend I was doing some digging for some posts about the Celebration of Light fireworks when I was reminded of THIS BLOG POST that I made back in November of 2009 when I had made note of the Himalaya restaurant selling fireworks. Selling fireworks out of their restaurant.

Charlie, have you ever bought fireworks from the Himalaya? When we go there together, if they’re selling fireworks then, can you include some for me in my “free lunch” package?

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