After trying the Mars bar and the oreos last year, I had to step up and try the jelly beans this year.  The verdict?  I wouldn’t buy them again, but if you bought them and offered me a bite….I’d take some.  Same goes for if you bought it, didn’t like it and gave it to me….I’d eat it.  I highly recommend you buy them in a group, and not when all the people you are with are not looking, as you duck into an empty stable and stuff your face with them.  Bad idea….

They just aren’t a bunch of jelly beans thrown into a deep fryer, instead they use the batter from funnel cakes, which once deep fried, you can stick anything in and it tastes great.  What you receive is three or four fritter like balls that reminded me alot of a honey’s donut.  The heat of the deep fryer melts the jelly beans, and the result is sort of like the jelly in a donut.  The consistency is a bit different though, think the first time you tried bubble tea, weird right?  But now you live for it.  Flavour wise?  With the icing sugar, it’s so sweet your teeth will hurt but I know you’ll try it anyhow….