Pretty much when Metrotown went up, Brentwood became Burnaby’s Kingsate…..NO!  Champlain, it’s totally Champlain Mall.  It’s sort of the mall that time forgot.  The whole mall just feels like a giant Fields.  I happened to be in the area, and thought it might work out as a decent Food Fair Friday, but it didn’t pan out.  What I did find though was my f’n favourite, massage chairs.  This was so meaningful because just weeks ago, I was on a BC ferry running rampant looking for a massage chair and found that they were removed!  Obviously, BC ferries thinks of them like those pay TV’ chairs they used to have at the airport, dodo bird type stuff, but lucky for me they fit right in at Brentwood.

$4 later and I’m a new man…..

Be on the look out for my next up and coming series, stuff in malls you’ve never been to.

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