No Mo Sneakin: Jaykin Releases Sneakers & Videogames


Jaykin, Vancity’s nicest, has released the full length album Sneakers & Videogames for download online. Cop it HERE.

Now, hip hop, the hippa to the hop, you dont stop – like a lot of people, my interest for hip hop was gone up and down over the years. During the raver years was when I rediscovered and got deeper into the golden era MCs like Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane. Since then, though there have been some dope songs that have pulled me back in here and there, there havent been any full length albums that have done it for me. Outkast, including both Andre 3000 and Big Boi’s solo works, have always kept it interesting. Nas has still come out with single tracks that get me going, I have learned to really appreciate the production work of Kanye but even though I have tried, I just cant fully emerse myself back into hip hop at large. Ghostface couldnt do it, Clipse wasn’t doing it, even the soul instrumentals of Jay-Dilla didn’t really get me and that is something that I thought would…CONTINUED BELOW.

Q&A with Jaykin also below

A lot of I think of what has kept me at arm’s length is the basic production of the beats and grooves of hip hop. I really do not know how to describe it other than if there isn’t a good rhythm and musical component to the tracks and if you are just left with so-called dope beat and lyrics, the MC really better be good; he or she really has gotta have a flow or interesting stuff to say.

With Jaykin and Sneakers & Videogames, the first thing that struck me, to be honest, was not so much him as an MC but the production that is up my alley with the disco bugaloo type synth/electro that people like Chromeo and all the Frenchies at Ed Banger and beyond have been putting out. The laid back, late 70’s/early 80’s type synth funk, with video game music influences were the first thing to perk my ears. But then, to my surprise, Jaykin’s vocal stylings and lyrics really seem to go well with the production. The songs were getting me as good songs and not just good hip hop.

With a coherent sound over the course of the album as well (producers are mentioned below) to go with lyrics that seem to cover states of his life (he says that one day, when he got into his apartment, all he was were sneakers and videogames on his floor) from Vancouver to travels to Japan, Jaykin could be on to some real progress as a musical act and not just MC.

Below, Jaykin talks briefly about finishing the full length release of Sneakers & Videogames:

Q: Is this your first album?
A: This would be my 4th release but my official Album, Kinfolk, will be coming this winter.

Q: How does it feel to finish this thing?
A: A big stress relief and I am definitely excited about putting this one out cause it’s so farleft for me. Did I mention it’s free?

Q: How long did it take?
A: It took 2 1/2 months

Q: Which producers did you work with?
A: Deli, Beats Me, Lokeynote, Hero. U-Tern did a lot for me too giving me different styles of beats.

Q: Do you have/are you looking for a record deal for this or this album?
A: Currently shopping around and talking but it’s too early to say much

Q: Did you write most of it here? Some while in Japan?
A: It was written hear but the idea came to me when I wad living in Tokyo. It was when I came home to a messy apartment where my floor was covered by Sneakers and videogames. Made me realize what I was doing to get away from the stress.

Sneakers & Videogames – title track

Sneakers & Videogames – Shorty

Behind the scenes of recording Galaga track with D-City

Jay Kin in the studio with D-City – “Galaga” from TheFarLeftTV on Vimeo.