Thank you for voting us #1 in the
Straight’s BEST OF Vancouver 2010!


So far the very best e-mail we’ve received in the year 2010 came from the Georgia Straight, and it began like this:

Vancouver Is Awesome was chosen #1 for Best local blog
in our annual BEST of Vancouver reader’s poll!”

This. Is Amazing. We tied for 1st place with my favourite local blog,! And we definitely need to be thanking some people right now for getting V.I.A. to this milestone!

First, this could never have happened without the help of our past and present contributors and editors. These people are bringing you the meat and potatoes that you come back for every single day, and they are tireless volunteers. They are heroes of Vancouver arts and culture.

Second, all of the businesses who we’ve worked with in the past year who have offered support as well as the like-minded organizations we’ve partnered with. These relationships are crucial to keeping the engine revving.

Third, The Georgia Straight for continuing to be the lifestyle and entertainment weekly in Vancouver after over 40 years, and for coming up with the BEST OF Vancouver awards 15 years ago.

Fourth, everyone who is doing anything creative, thoughtful, inspiring or even just simply interesting in our city who have allowed us to share their story.

Fifth, every single person who donated during our 2009 donor drive.

Sixth, last but not least, everyone who continues to read the blog and participate in it (many of whom fall under “fifth” above) and who voted for us!

As the founder of this, I must say that this is the biggest honour we’ve ever been bestowed.

Thank you!!!

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Bob is our founder and Editor-in-Chief. A family man and outdoors enthusiast in his 3rd decade of publishing, he steers the V.I.A. ship, hosts our 'BC Was Awesome' history TV show and co-hosts our weekly podcast.