Peak Performance Project: Showcase #4


The penultimate night of the Peak Performance Project featured Steph Macpherson, Christopher Arruda, Behind Sapphire and Said the Whale (as well as some very messy surprise stage effects).

So this happened…I turned around and Mathew and Cayne were doing some kind of…dance? Clearly photos had to be taken.

The lovely Tamara Stanners introducing Said the Whale

The aftermath of Behind Sapphire’s pillow feathers and Said the Whale’s confetti…

I think they’ll be picking feathers and confetti out of the rafters/air ducts for a while yet.

Your last chance to check out the Peak Performance Project Showcase is October 7, featuring Greg Sczebel, YUCA, Kuba Oms, and Kyprios.

To learn more about the Top 20 visit the Peak Performance Project website and check out their profiles.

All photos Copyright Leigh Eldridge